QLD Garden Show

Last weekend we managed to spend a day at the QLD garden show (and so glad we did!)
There was so much to look at and listen to, plenty of garden gurus 
and celebrities with plenty of passion for all things gardening.
Our first talk was by Costa from ABCs' gardening Australia.
He is fabulous and we learned a lot walking around the kitchen garden, he also likes goats...

 There were animals, all kinds of plants everywhere, and some designer gardens (which inspired us to make a river garden in our backyard) and plenty of ideas for recycling or upcycling...

We spent some time learning about heritage breed chickens, 
ow to create new varieties of roses (diy),
how to attract frogs to the garden,
how to make a vertical garden,
plus more. 
It was a cold morning in QLD, but in true form it was TShirt weather by 10am 
nd hot enough for gelato at lunch.

 We were definitely inspired by our visit to the garden show and spent the next day planting our fruit trees we bought and designing our Japanese/Monet water garden.

Visions of the Morning

Strawberry Picking Season

 It is that time again and we are lucky enough to have a strawberry farm on our doorstep, so a few weeks ago we picked some and ate some and made a cake...

A Winters Day on Noosa Beach

We left home this morning with long sleeves on, just in case the wind was blowing, but...

it was calm and still and warm in the sun.

Eumundi Live Music Festival

 Last weekend we were given some tickets to the Winter Music Festival in Eumundi, where one of Jarrods' fellow music students was performing. It was a lovely few hours in the sun listening to musicians and eating wood fired pizza.

Scruffy Loves Sushi

Scruffy the pelican loves sushi and is very polite compared to the ducks and seagulls.

Dem Bucket of Bones

 Today was our final week for making clay bones for our skeletons and now we have to put them together!
(a skull and pelvis!)

Gold Coast Birthday Visit

 On the weekend we went to visit Nanny and Poppy for a birthday lunch which we had at QT (which was very enjoyable and quirky). 
We like QT because of the fun and retro vibe going on.

We spent some time with Nanny and Poppy and had lovely weather to go for a walk to the park.

Beach Smile

Last Sunday we decided to walk around Peregian Beach markets amongst other things, but the beach was glorious and so inviting.

Kids Golf

 At the end of Term we have a little golf competition (where everyone is a winner!) and a sausage sizzle.

Eagerly awaiting the start of the golf games.

Enjoying Kids Yoga

 The boys have enjoyed yoga this term and have definitely improved their core strength.

Clay Skeletons

At Science/ Art group we are all learning about the human body and making skeletons out of clay!
So far we have completed the Humerus, Radius and Ulna.
What bone will it be next?

Book Club Meet 2

Each Book Club the children get together after reading the choosen book and answer questions and just comment and chat about it, surrounded by books at Berkeleow in Eumundi.
Last meet we were given the above book (which I didn't read) and the boys gave it an 8/10.
We got to choose the next book, something suitable for some of the younger girl readers...an Australian novel is what we came up with, from the late 1800's called "Dot and the Kangaroo" and we also get to think up some questions for it!
Till then.

Our Trip Down South - Part 6

Melbourne for two days, what did we do?
Lots of Trams!
Looked at old buildings.

 Went to the oldest building in Australia actually...

 Walked through more beautiful gardens...
Admired the beautiful St Patricks Cathedral and lit a candle...
 Went to the Australian Centre of the Moving Image and saw the developments over time.
 Went to Federation Square and Yum Cha in China Town and shopping at the Queen Victoria markets and in beautiful old grand lane ways and in department stores found nowhere else in the country, this is the place to shop in Australia!.
A great trip, a good opportunity to see and do things we haven't done before.
Now start saving for the next adventure.