Sketching With H and Umoto

 H is enjoying sketching from one of my Japanese cute animal drawing books.
He is happy with his drawings and so he continues.
(by H, 7 yrs,  from a Sachiko Umoto  Book)

I am playing with ink and hatching...

Early Morning Noosa Longboards

We were up early after the cyclone had passed and thought we might see if the waves
were rolling in at Noosa Beach...
The water dragon had the same idea.
 It was fun watching the big boards roll in even if the waves
were on the small side and the water a bit murky from the storm.
 There is still so much to see...
Breakfast in Noosa is also a treat!

We are looking forward to the Surfing festival in March, 
where we get to see the longboard surfing Pooches!

Carrot Cake

Saturday baking.
Carrot cake with prunes and dates and cream cheese icing.

Playing with Water

 Since cyclone Marcia passed through we have been
dealing with some waterfalls and mini rivers by
making dams and finding treasure unearthed by the torrents of water.

"where is this water coming from?"

Cubism at Art Class

This week we tried some Cubism with acrylics.
Very interesting indeed...
I will not analyse these anymore.

A Little Guitar

New Curriculum for J

(Poster for Health)
 This is our third week on the new Curriculum from our Distance Education School
and so far so good.
It is mainly a revision (which is good) with some new terminology (previously US terminology).
However we now have some new subjects including more Art(can't really have enough art), Health and Technology which are really interesting.
We are reviewing the science laboratory procedures and 
how to write out our own experiments after we complete them.
 J is also enjoying the History course at the moment.
It has also been handy revising maths 
with different explanations and techniques for solving problems.
So far so good.

Danish Apple Cake

This is not sugar free ( I also reduced the sugar with no ill effect to the cake), 
but it is a really easy cake, light and fluffy too!
check here for the recipe

Visit to the Book Farm

We are lucky enough to know an Author of some lovely Australian Books
and we are also lucky enough to have popped in for a visit
and as it happens, we are lucky enough to have been gifted some of her books.
Recently we went to the Book Farm in Maleny to visit Jill Morris.
Jill is very busy rejuvenating the rainforest on her many hectares,
 so we just popped in for tea and chat and promised to visit again to explore,
find a bunyip and perhaps plant a tree or two!

Maleny Dairy Farm Tour

Today we visited Maleny Dairies with our Distance Ed school group, 
to learn all things milk!

A cow volunteered to let us milk her, 
H volunteered to feed a two week old calf, 
J did not volunteer to drink the very fresh milk
(note the facial reaction)

We visited all the parts of the farm from paddock to milking shed, to production line, to fridge.

 Had some tastings, saw the chickens and pigs and goats
and played giant chess.
Thank you Maleny Dairies.

Noosa Beach after Dinner

 What a lovely part of the world we live in!
Nanny took us out to dinner at a little gourmet burger Cafe in Hastings St.
Then we walked to the beachfront...
The water is still warm in the evening and the air is still.
 The sun sets as people are out and about enjoying their holiday.
We are lucky enough to live here!

The Road to Somewhere - Watercolour

An attempt to paint a beautiful scene from a Photo Peter took when he was in Otago, NZ.
I stopped short of finishing it, the painting looks a bit muddy or something?
Happy with the snow on the far distant mountains I think.
Oh well, it is a path of learning for me.

Art Lessons - Atmospheric Perspective

 By H.
Art has started with two watercolour lessons on atmospheric perspective.
We painted the background the lightest and the foreground the darkest.
Clouds were blotted out with paper towel.
By J.

I Like Paddington Bear

I decided to sketch some of the pictures I found in the boys book.
I wonder what the movie is like?
We are looking forward to the Snoopy movie that is due at the end of 2015.

Games Review by Two Boys

Story Cubes.
A fun way to make up crazy, funny, detailed (or not) stories.
For 1 or more players.
Boys verdict - thumbs up!

Monopoly Deal Card Game
A new take on the old Monopoly, but fast and addictive, great family game.
For two or more players.
Boys verdict - two thumbs up.
Penguins on Ice.
A maze game, with levels of varying hardship (not easy at all)
Boys verdict- thumbs up.
Phase 10
The cover says it all, we have only played a few times so far.
Boys verdict - thumbs up. 
We are still learning this game, but it has potential to be a good game
 (once we have had enough of Monopoly).
Boys verdict - thumbs up
 And those were the games we have been playing in the last few weeks.

Time to Say Goodbye...

 sadly, to the very tall, beautiful, but dead, trees.
 We decided to get the professionals in because we didn't have 
the right equipment and quite frankly didn't want any mishaps!
We now have timber ready for repurposing.
The boys enjoyed watching the techniques of the men climbing up the swaying trees 
and the "thud" when the timber hit the ground from hefty heights.