Caterpillar Attire

We collect many things from the garden daily.
Yesterday a caterpillar hitched a ride on my shirt and was rescued by H.
(it wasn't a good caterpillar so the dog ate it)

Prize Winner

The other day we were very excited to receive news that the boys had done very well
 in the Australian Mathematics Competition. 
It was quite a while ago that they competed and they had forgotten about it.
H is in grade two age group however he did the grade three competition paper 
(because he wanted to compete like his brother)
and was awarded  a prize for scoring in the top %1 of the country!
J did a fantastic job also and received a Distinction!
They were very proud of their mathematical achievement as you can see from the faces above.

Waste and Recycling

We recently visited our local waste and recycling centre school Education Day and participated in some learning activities.
We were very well informed when we left.
Definitely worth a visit.

Pineapple in Acrylic

Experimenting with a palette knife.

Art Lessons- Completed Works

 Watercolour Tree by J.
River by J (acrylic)
 Watercolour Tree by H.
 Watercolour Biggles Book Cover by J.

Art Gallery Excursion

Another day at the office!
A trip to the Art Galleries and Museum and Library in Brisbane.

 A study of the colours around us and some spinning art.

Painting with Acrylics

 Blue Whale by J.
(We were trying to go as abstract as is possible for J, and the colour was it)
We have not been using them at all really, but we are getting into them at the moment.
James the Magpie by H.
(this started as a whole bird painting but evolved into a close up)

Jug and bowl by Me.
(my first painting using a palette knife)

Gesture Drawings at Art Lessons

 By H.
By J.
Today we made some poses and learned how to sketch movement.
We then looked at some photos and made a final coloured drawing.

Fathers Day Lunch

 A lovely Fathers Day as usual. Lunch this year was lamb crusted in basil and nuts with Quinoa salad (chickpeas, feta, avocado and pomegranate dressing). 
The boys made thei raspberry cheesecake.

 Chalkboard mugs and handprinted Tshirts.

Lovely Day.

My Birthday Niceties

 Ricotta strawberry cheesecake made by the boys.
 A dancing birthday cake card by H.
 Lovely flowers and treats by P.
My favourite treats card by J (otherwise known as Mr. Hallmark)
All very special.

Art Lessons

Coral Tree mixed media by J.

Author Illustrator Talks

By H. 
Recently we went to a afternoon of hands on writing and illustration.
Peter Carnavas, a very talented author and illustrator presented an informative session
on how to write stories and illustrate picture books.

The boys took notes and then started their own story boards and various other
We also dabbled with Illustrator on the Macs to try out some graphic design.

Trying to Learn Something New

Trying to learn about painting with pastels 
( I have learned that cheap hard pastels are very different to the soft good quality pastels)
working on ink zentangles.

Artistic Impressions of Cairns

Acrylic on canvas by H.