Lettering in Mini Moleskin

A new book on lettering.
A new mini Moleskin.
A few nice ideas on making fonts and lettering inspiration to try from the Lettering book
 and some sunny weather to inspire a word or two of my own.

New Books

 It was suggested we read some books by a German Author
Walter Moers.
So we will give it a go.
We are starting with this one and then the others if we like it.
The writing seems interesting and captivating so far, 
but we cannot comment on anything else as yet.

A Little Blue

So sad we missed Science club this week.
Harrison was a bit blue about being a bit green!

Watching, Waiting

 For Spring?
For Cake and Coffee?
For eggs to be layed?
For an idea?

3D Maths

Making 3D shapes with paper.
By H.

QLD Garden Show 2015

 Today we headed off early (in the cool winter air) to visit the garden show.
We really enjoyed last because we learned so much.
This year we took home some more knowledge and got to listen to 
Costa's ramble...

 There were birds, chickens, baby animals as you would expect
and interesting ways of growing food using recycled junk.
We now have an avocado tree and ideas to plant!

Robotics Course 1 - Mission Completed

After 4 weeks of learning about and playing with electronics and
robotic components, this is what we have made to take home...
 A laser spy alarm!
 It works too. 
Complete with a cup speaker and trilling noise.
Perhaps it can be used in the chicken coop to catch predators!
 Next course is programming.

To The Theatre

We went to the theatre today to see the above show.
The boys thought it was funny.
Perhaps aimed at the younger kids, but nevertheless an entertaining show.


We had a special visit last week, 
cousins came a long way to spend the day with us 
and we thoroughly enjoyed their company (as always).

Art Class - High Chroma Acrylic Paintings

 Parrot by H.
Abstract Piano by J.

Art Class - Ink Blot Sketching

 A good idea for left over watercolour paint... ink blots. (by J)
Can you spot the cat in the blot?
Another good use for leftover paint... stained glass window patterns. (by H)

Robotics Club

 We have joined a new class, a robotics (or electronics) class.
So far so good, plenty of new ideas and terms, gadgets and 
gizmos to play with and make something out of.
We have learned symbols so that we can draw the circuits we make.
Next week we begin making our Mission Impossible laser alarm!

Art Lessons - The Great Wave

We studied The Great Wave woodblock print by Hokusai last week.
The boys could decide how they wanted to interpret and make it their own.
J made a sunset watercolour painting after tracing the original.
H decided on a tree and hill scene...
The Great wave is one of my favourite prints.

What is Cooking?

Thai salad and curry.
Back to making curry paste from scratch
(when we have the time of course)

Noosa National Park Walk

It must be said that we do not do enough walking in our own National Park,
and it is absolutely stunning!

Today we met our school for a ranger talk and then a walk on part of the coastal track
on a wonderfully warm winters day, calm ocean with plenty of waves for the 

Some exploring time on the rocks...

 Then a quick hello to the koala resting and listening to ocean sounds.
(these koalas have the best location in the country)

 After the walk we had a picnic for lunch and headed home after a beautiful morning.
Now we need to do the rest of the track!

Textiles Assignment

 J learned how to sew a backpack this week.
It was a project for school.
Design a bag that Operation Christmas Child
could use if they wished to.
What a great reason to make a bag!
Plenty of criteria, plenty of ideas and in the end a backpack was the final design.
So off to the studio to learn how to use a sewing machine.
Learning how to cut, pin, measure and sew
A few hours later there was a backpack.
It was finished off with a printed logo.
Job well done.

Spirit House Cooking Class

Last week myself and two friends went along to a day of 
cooking Asian inspired meals at a
well known Sunshine Coast Restaurant
It has been something on my list of to dos since arriving here.
It was lovely to share the day with friends.
We made quite a few dishes
(as you can see from the extensive menu above)
however we did more learning, watching and testing, tasting, stirring and chopping
then making entire meals from scratch.
 Plenty of ideas and tips to take home from this lovely restaurant.
Then at the end we all sat down to enjoy a lovely (huge) meal
including duck, fillet beef, prawns and snapper.

 No dinner for me that night!
Then on the weekend I started my own master stock,
which I then used to make the same duck dish but 
substituted chicken in its place...yum.
Must take the family for lunch one day, the restaurant is set in lovely gardens
and has a modern Asian inspired menu.

School Art Assignment - Term 2

J has been studying symbols, text and lettering and how they are
used for advertising and in history.
This is his assignment piece which was to tell something about himself.

Procrastinating About Art

 The Path, acrylic on canvas.
I have been procrastinating forever about doing some art for a space on the wall in the living area, I had too many ideas, too many concerns such as, 
what if I waste the canvas?
Today I just started something... a tree lined path.
 I only used black paint and a business card after I painted 
the background in the mustard colour.
I am not sure I am happy with every component, however I am fairly happy with the 
trees and the abstract look of the path and the clear space in the background.
I enjoyed creating it and... 
that is what art is about.

This  is an experiment in using one colour, different tones 
of acrylic and a palette knife. 
It didn't work out,
 clearly I have not got the mouth and face in proportion.
Oh well, it was also a learning experience.